2023 Adventures Await for Bear and Fox Apparel

2023 Adventures Await for Bear and Fox Apparel

I like New Years Eve more than I like Christmas.

Hear me out. Christmas is great - I love the traditions, the baking, the movies, music and above all, the magic of the season with my kiddos. Watching the magic of the season in their eyes brings so much joy to me it's sickening. My heart grows 3 sizes, easily. However, there is alot of stress that comes with the season as well. I turned into Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation this year, trying to make the perfect Xmas for my family. I think I succeeded, but it was alot of self-induced pressure and stress  that NYE just doesn't have.

Whether you want to celebrate at a gala, house party or cottage. In your most fancy party pants or your Terry Fox Joggers, there are zero expectations for NYE. It's also a time of reflection and hope. Looking back on the year that happened and forward to the year to come. It's such an inspiring time, and I really love it.

In our house we don't set resolutions, we set a list of things to accomplish in the next 365 days. We successfully checked 21/22 things off our list for 2022. The only thing we didn't complete was cooking artichokes (it's a long story) and we did buy the artichokes, but we didn't get to cooking them before they rotted on the counter. Cool.

This year we have made our list of 23 Things to do in 2023 and it looks a little something like this:

  1. see a fireworks show
  2. go to the theatre
  3. meet a pig
  4. catch 23 frogs
  5. go fishing with Pépé
  6. read 5 books (not including the one I wrote LOL)
  7. make a snow fort/igloo
  8. have a beach fire
  9. sleep in a tent
  10. swim in 5 new fresh bodies  of water
  11. see the northern lights
  12. have a fire in our fireplace
  13. have a successful deer hunt
  14. go to an archery tournament
  15. catch a snake
  16. cook 3 new meals on an open fire
  17. finish The Structure (our backyard oasis)
  18. finish The Bear+Fox Den
  19. redo the cupboards/pantry
  20. have docktails (cocktails on a dock)
  21. 1000 hours outside
  22. sleep in a hotel room
  23. make 3 new recipes

We are well on our way for many of these things - and I can't wait to see what 2023 has in store! We also have some really cool adventures booked in 2023 including a fly in fishing trip to Nakina Ontario with Bracelake Outfitters. INCREDIBLE TRIP OF A LIFETIME!

As always, keep up with  the blog to see what and where Bear+Fox Apparel is headed. It's always an adventure, and there's always plenty of stories to come home with.

Don't forget to get outside today!


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