There is nothing I idolized more as a kid, than a tree house. From iconic pop culture movies like Now and Then, Pagemaster and TV shows like The Simpsons, I've always wanted a spot to call my own. A clubhouse I could hold secret meetings in, sleepovers with my friends and play board games well into the night telling ghost stories.

Being busy with archery tournaments with the family, and living in the north where summers were short and winters were eternal, there was never an opportunity to build a tree house on our property. When I was given the opportunity to finally live out one of my childhood dreams, I had to say yes.

CY and I headed out to Wilno, ON to stay in a truly unique AirBnb; A Bird's Eye Treehouse .  The tree house is located on Brenda + Edmund's homestead property surrounded by mature trees and a forest floor of trilliums. The tree house is built around a 200 year old oak tree and is made entirely of upcycled/salvaged materials. Everything within the house has been thoughtfully constructed and curated. The intention behind every design aspect is astounding - truly a work of art!

To gain access to the tree house you walk across a suspension bridge. This is your first clue that your stay will be unique. I've never entered an Airbnb this way! Pausing along the bridge to take in the scenery is definitely recommended. The edison bulb string lights along the bridge illuminate it perfectly through the dusk and into the night. Once you enter the tree house, you would never know you were 25 feet up in the air!

The tree house opens into a small kitchenette featuring a wood stove, hot plate, toaster oven and kettle. This flows into the open concept dining area that leads out to the balcony. This is a great place to enjoy a morning coffee among the songbirds.  The living area is a cozy nook with a fold down couch surrounded by DVDs for those rainy days in the tree tops. I absolutely loved the maps they had on the walls where they welcome their guests to leave push pins in their hometowns. It was so cool to see where all of the previous guests came from. We gladly added our pins to both the Canada and world maps.

Climbing up the ladder to the what I like to lovingly refer to as the "nest" of the tree house is relatively easy. I was able to do it in my air cast with no issues!

Once you're up in the bedroom loft, you get a sense of the height you're at.  Looking out over the tree tops and over the valley is such a beautiful way to wake up. The sun gently beaming through the windows and the birds chirping, I felt like a Disney princess waking up with the forest. If only the little birdies would come and make my coffee for me ;)

The bathroom is located outside of the tree house, and at the start of your journey up the suspension bridge. This outhouse is the cleanest, biggest and fanciest outhouse I've ever been in. It boasts 2 toilets (one lower to the ground for younger guests) and an average height seat as well. Playing with the stereotype of writing on bathroom stall walls, the back wall is painted with chalk and guests are invited to leave a note on the wall. Such a unique piece of the property, loved seeing the personality of the previous guests scribed on the wall. This building is also salvaged/recycled - including the T.P cover, which was an old tin lunch box! I'm telling you, everything is intentional and curated to make this place such a unique stay.

There are so many nooks and crannies for you to get cozy in this tree house, you'll never want to leave! From playing cards in front of the wood stove in the dining area, getting cozy in the living room with all the map markings of previous guests, swinging in the day hammock in the loft with a book or just getting nestled up in the bed and listening to the birds sing.

If you are like me, and dreamed of sleeping in a tree house as a kid but never got to live that fantasy, this is the place for you.

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