birds eye view of the loon lake haus in kearney ontario


Loon Lake Haus

It was a long, grey, wet spring. It felt like we were hiding under umbrellas and splashing through puddles from March to May with no vitamin D in our futures. And then May 2-4 hit and we were finally blessed with some heat and all the sun. Just in time for our trip to the Loon Lake Haus.


Loon Lake Haus is located in Kearney, ON - which claims to be the biggest little town in Ontario. It's a straight shot down Hwy 11 from Toronto and offers the traditional scenic travel through the Muskokas every cottager expects, rock faces punctuated with dozens of lakes. The lake is actually called Pevensey Lake, but the locals call it Loon Lake. But we might rename it Heaven. The clarity of the lake is unbelievable. When we arrived and enjoyed our first sip on the dock, we saw small mouth bass nests all around the dock. The fish were swimming around seemingly unbothered by us (and the dogs). It just added to the tranquility of the place.


The main cottage opens to a beautiful drop down living space with large bay windows, inviting the outside in. Sitting on the couch offers full view of the campsite, beach and dock. It is adjacent to the kitchen/dining area. Alyson + Ryan did not miss a single detail in the kitchen. From modern appliances, dish towels and even an extra bag of ice in the freezer, the kitchen was perfect.

Our meals were enjoyed in the dining nook, which again boasted a big window to the outside garden, creating the illusion of dining outside while still enjoying the comfort of A/C (and no black flies!) We often would catch hummingbirds zipping by while enjoying our meals. Such cute neighbours!

There are three bedrooms in the main cottage, with 2 also having balconies out the back. We sipped a couple coffees (and night caps) on these balconies, just enjoying the view and the sound of wildlife. Songbirds in the morning, and the loons at night.

The Bunkie also boasts a bunk bed, en suite and a balcony itself. It also has a mini fridge and Keurig there, which was appreciated by KD who slept in there with her son. We had our very first baby come on this adventure, and this offered a peaceful space for Judey Dudey to nap, feed and "sleep." haha! He didn't want to do much of that - he wanted to be down on the dock where all the action was happening.


Besides the beautiful lake that the cottage is nestled on, this cottage has so much to offer! A/C, heating and a wood burning stone fireplace are sure to keep you comfortable, no matter what the season.

The wifi made it really easy to send pictures and videos to our friends and family back home. The modern day "wish you were here" postcard.

The 2 kayaks and the SUP were put to good use as we explored the lake at dusk and marvelled at the islands peppering the lake. Almost didn't have to paddle back since the black flies were ready to carry the boats back, so make sure you wear long sleeve shirts if you plan on a late adventure. The Cabin Long Sleeve Tee was perfect as it offered some coverage from the bugs, but wasn't as hot as The Balsam Fir, or LongJohn Candy.

This was the first adventure that George and Frankie joined us on. I besides packing their food and waste bags, I also packed their food and water bowls, as well as extra towels to dry them off before they went into the cottage. But I didn't have to do that! Alyson + Ryan had separate towels and bowls set aside for the four legged guests to enjoy. Like I said, they thought of everything!

Loon Lake Haus was a fantastic trip, with fantastic friends. We connected around the campfire over a few bevvies and when we moved inside the open concept design allowed us to continue visiting while snacks were being prepped in the kitchen, Jude was eating a snack and the dogs laid on the ruggable. We all agreed on our departure that this was a spot we were going to have to come back to.

You can book your stay here, and be sure to say Bear+Fox Apparel sent ya!

 loon lake haus kearney ontario with a loon float eh in front of it

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