How to Battle Mosquitoes + Other Bugs

How to Battle Mosquitoes + Other Bugs

Black flies.
Sand flies.
Horse/Deer flies.

They all bite (literally!) And after a long spring and an even longer winter, Canucks are ready to get outside and play. But more often than not, we can get chased inside for some reprieve from the bugs. But there are a few handy tools that can help us battle the bugs and enjoy the spring + summer nights.

1. Bug Dope

The classic choice used for decades is the deet filled bug spray. The smell of Muskol truly transports me back to my childhood. Growing up in Timmins, this was a non-negotiable when going out in the bush. Now there are different options with varying levels of deet. There are also different mediums as well, ranging from aerosols, liquid pumps and lotions. This is an effective repellent, but if you're looking for a more natural alternative or something that doesn't need to be applied to the skin entirely, we've got some options for you too.

2. Natural Bug Repellent

I am currently obsessing over this repellent. Using the power of nature, SiSi Georgian Bay's Outdoor Scents combines citronella, lemongrass, catnip and other pure essential oils, in a witch hazel and soybean oil base. A convenient spray bottle makes it easy to apply and the aroma is pleasant and citrusy. Since it's all natural, I will often spritz this into my hair before I leave the house. Not only does is help repel insects, but it smells fantastic! Citronella is officially my body spray for the summer. SiSi also has an after sun hydrating mist, which after a day on the dock, feels like a breath of fresh air to the skin.

3. Thermacell

This is a product that I have been using for decades. It's come on our annual turkey hunts, bear hunts, moose hunts and the occasional deer hunt (although I don't normally get out until there is snow on the ground!) It's travelled to many cottages and countless campfires. Thermacell is powered by butane which heats a blue patch that emits a scentless repellent - offering up to 15ft of reprieve from the bugs. They now have rechargeable units, which are perfect for keeping at the cottage. This option keeps your skin free of products, and since it's scent free you can enjoy the fresh air without any intruding smells.

4. Full coverage clothing

Another way to battle the bugs is with full coverage clothing. Clothing that has cuffs on the wrists, ankles and waist help to keep the bugs off your body. Pants like the Terry Fox Joggers, D'eh Trippers or Fiddler's Greens have a cuff on the ankles and waist, along with a loose fit, keeping the bugs at bay. And to keep the bugs off your upper body, the Cabin Tee is a great option for the warmer nights. The LongJohn Candy along with the sweaters in the Bear+Fox Shop are all excellent options to deter those pesky bites. As an added bonus, wear light coloured clothing, bugs are attracted to dark colours!

I hope you get outside and do something that makes you happy. Here in Canada, we don't get a long summer, so utilize every moment you can. Learn to live with the bugs, because they aren't going anywhere.

And now, you won't either.

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