How to Style A Flannel Dinner Jacket

How to Style A Flannel Dinner Jacket

How to Style a Flannel Dinner Jacket

Flannel is a staple in the Canuck wardrobe - but how do you style it?
Here are 4 super simple ways to wear your Plaid Dinner Jackets.

  1. Plain + Simple

This is by far the easiest way to wear a plaid. Just put it on your body! Whether it's with a pair of jeans, leggings, or shorts, a classic red plaid like the Canuck Dinner Jacket is a classic look. Pairing it with a pair of sneakers or converse completes this laid back look.

  1. 90's Fashion

We all  know the 90's are back and what's more iconic than a plaid tied around the waist. It's a great way to add some dimension and pop of colour to an outfit. The Muskoka Dinner Jacket is a neutral option that compliments any outfit. Whether it's paired with a graphic tee and jeans, or modernized with a jumper, this is a great way to diversify an outfit. It works for warm weather as well as cooler weather, since you can always just toss the jacket on if you get chilly. Fashion meets functionality. Gotta love it!

  1. Vest in Show

The Kawartha Dinner Jacket is another neutral piece that can help level up a wardrobe. Just like the other dinner jackets, it's lightweight and versatile. Looks great as an outer layer but also as the formative piece underneath a solid garment. Laying a vest over top of the plaid gives dimension to the outfit. Wear it over a monochromatic look like a romper, or even a pair of the Northern Nylons and a black tank to really allow the plaid to pop.

  1. Country Couture

Similar to layering a vest over the plaid, you can layer a jacket over top the Timmins Dinner Jacket.  Since this flannel is gold/black, you can easily pair it with a black jacket - leather would add a nice texture to an outfit. I've paired it with a western style jacket from Hometown Style. The fringe along the back and arms add interest to the outfit, while the plaid just peeks from underneath the jacket. Just be cautious, pairing only black with the gold flannel might give off some bumblebee vibes!

There are so many ways to style a plaid flannel and these are just the 4 ways that I personally gravitate towards. Comment how YOU wear your plaid!

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