I get approached often from friends, family and Bear+Foxers (I need to think of an actual name for you folks instead of followers, since you're so much more than that.. name pending, ha!) about where they should stay. It ranges from girls trips, couples retreats and family vacations. When we visit all of these incredible places in Ontario, we are always wondering, who would enjoy this place more? And Retreat on Rosseau seems to check boxes for all of them!

When you pull into this cottage, it's quite unassuming from the front, keeping all it's WOW-factors for the lakeside facade. With ample parking for both cars and trucks, there is plenty of space for every type of vehicle. The road into the cottage is quite windy, and I could see how it could be washed out after big storms, so I wouldn't suggest hauling a trailer to the property. You've been warned! I did see lots of animals on the ride in as well including 3 deer, so drive cautiously to avoid disaster.

Once I dropped my bags in the foyer and came around the corner of the hallway into the open concept living, dining and kitchen area, my jaw dropped. The floor to ceiling windows were astonishing and really gave the illusion of the outdoors coming inside. Between the sliding doors to the outdoor deck is a big fireplace that is accessible from both inside and outside so you can enjoy the fireplace whether you're inside snuggled up with a book or outside enjoying a cold one.

The bedrooms are just as dreamy, with 2 of them boasting the floor to ceiling windows and the rest with comfortable bunk beds, perfect for kids or couples. Everyone on the trip commented on their comfortable sleeps, which is saying alot! I am a big advocate for sleep being a huge component to a good vacation. Nothing can suck more enjoyment from a great place than a crap sleep.

We spent days on the dock swimming in Rosseau Lake, which was quite shallow and sandy bottom. The kids basically turned into mermaids and only surfaced for snacks and juice boxes.

After a yummy supper, adults retired by the campfire and sipped some bevvies while the kids bounced between the lake and the hot tub. The cottage seemed to sing as the sun went down and the glow from the interior lights resonated through the dark. The beauty of this place never seemed to waiver, and consistently offered new places for everyone to congregate and reconnect.

From the living room, patio furniture on the deck, dock, campfire and hot tub - there were so many places for everyone to find solace and refuge from their busy lives. The fact we were able to all coordinate schedules to land on this property at the same time, truly was a miracle.

This was the first Bear+Fox trip where we had multiple families attend, and although at times it was a bit chaotic, Retreat on Rosseau offered enough space for everyone to get their own down time, and to be able to recharge their batteries.

Bear+Fox is hosting a retreat back on Rosseau lake October 4-6, 2024. 20 women who are happiest outdoors will be spending time at this cottage enjoying sunshine yoga, bon(d)fires, delicious meals - including a chef catered supper. They will all receive a welcome box valued at over $200 each! I can not wait to see this property with the red and gold leaves of fall and to snuggle up in a big cozy sweater and truly enjoy a Retreat on Rosseau.

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