Our very first adventure of 2023 was a trip to Kirkfield, Ontario to The Birch Kawartha.

This is the perfect place to bring young kids. The big table not only is welcoming for meals, but for board games and cards. The wood stove creates such a warm and cozy ambience, even though the cabin is heated, you'll want a fire to snuggle up with a book. If you are like me and live an outdoor lifestyle year round, this is a great spot to get outside during the winter months because the vibe inside is so cozy! We basically lived outside while we were here. Jess doubled up her Terry Fox Joggers since she forgot her ski pants! Rookie move!! Since they aren't water proof, she was very grateful for the wood stove inside.

Amenities at The Birch Kawartha

There are 3 bedrooms, one of which with 2 sets of bunk beds so the parents can have some alone time while the kids get a sense of independence in their own secret world. The galley kitchen is quaint with all the amenities we needed to make some world class eggs benedict for breaky while looking out over Mitchell Lake.

As much as the cabin was cozy, we spent the majority of our time outside. The campfire was perfect for sippin' some bevvies and enjoying the fresh air outside. We even had the fluffiest winter snowflakes cascading down while we were out there with friends,  new and old enjoying what Canadian winters have to offer. The edison bulbs cast more than enough light to enjoy the outdoors well into the evening.

We all agreed, this would be a great place to bring our young families. The cabin reminded me of many cottages I visited as a kid, and I could see my family making memories here too.

After our one night stay at The Birch, we headed to a much cherished friend's cabin in the backwoods of Omemee and enjoyed a night sitting around the fireplace and sippin' lcoal moonshine and just basking in the glory that is our adventurous friendships. We bring each other out of our comfort zones and allow ourselves to really let go and exhale the hustle and bustle that can very easily become "the norm" when you're running a business and have young families.

This trip was a perfect way to start our 2023 adventures. Can't wait for the next trip!

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